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Hippocrates wrote: I get a lot of X-rays sent to me on Windows only format CDs I cannot do the very thing I wanted to do. If you obfuscate any information requested, I will obfuscate my response. These are virtual UUIDs, not real ones. I checked the Extension Pack is installed on VirtualBox. I then unplugged the device and started the Windows 10 on VirtualBox. Fully started, logged in etc.

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Plugged in the SuperDrive - now this is where it got weird. The Windows machine recognised the drive in the USB slots. It was showing little traffic indicator lights for activity too in the bottom edge of the screen. No "New hardware found" appeared and the CD won't insert - it is like the drive is in the eject position. If I try it normally on the Mac and VB etc is closed, it works fine. Tried another SuperDrive, same thing.

No idea how to fix this? Seems like there is some missing link to let the CD insert? Cheers, Hippocrates. I've done the specific filter - details are: Name - Apple Inc.

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So we are further along but still not getting to see the actual CD inside the drive. I tried to eject the CD, but of course, the drive doesn't seem to recognise there is a disc inside and I have to eject it from the Mac OS. And I told you not to focus on the data, but focus on getting it to be identified first. That's one step before seeing the data. Because if they don't give you the OK, no data. That seems to me to be the mouse as it is called that elsewhere. I tried to copy the data from the screen in Windows 10 but I can't copy then paste to the Mac.

So I don't see the drive via USB. Hope that helps? Not the same. Here's what's got to happen, and that goes for all USB devices: Create a proper USB filter. Plug the device after the VM has started, so that the host doesn't capture it. Make sure that the device is seen in Windows. Install the appropriate drivers for the device, if necessary. Use the device!!! So here's what you got to do to make step C happen. Don't worry, it's a one time thing, just as steps A and D: Start up Win10, log in, plug the SuperDrive. Click on the magnifying glass, to the right of the Start Menu.

Type "Device Manager". Run it. You'll see a list of devices. Is there anything that looks like the SuperDrive and has a yellow exclamation point next to it? If yes, steps A. Right-click on it and go to the "Details" tab, "Hardware Ids". Does it say: If not, something's not right. If yes, instructions in the next post for step D, just to keep it manageable. The CD drive appears in the list and no new driver is available as it says it is up to date. I went back and re-did those. Then ran Device Manager again and got the same response.

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