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I've used most of the features of the app aside from league points. I've not encountered any major glitches that weren't fixed promptly by the developer, NOR have I had any difficulties running the app. I've used it for many tournaments, including a Chip Meetup, and it's been amazing. Pokerdweebz Straight.

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I use: I was having problems with the App saving settings and crashing on my iPad Mini 2. I'd be running a setup, make a change, it would crash, and my entire tourney setup would be wiped out, forcing me to set things up again from scratch.

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Granted, the last time I tried it was about 8 months ago CraigT78 Full House. I also use and suggest BlindsUP on the ipad. It's what I use every month for over a year. Before that I used Travispokertimer on the MAC - it was good, but it needed the laptop and that was a pain. Does Blinds Up have a few bugs? Yes, but nothing that I can't work around at this point. It is stable enough for me to use and trust.

Also, building something that can be streamed to a raspberry pi will get around the need for an AppleTV or laptop. You got me wondering. It would appear from what I'm reading that if someone had the appropriate Java Runtime a full SE version and not the Embedded version I might have to try that.

Now I can write a RPi off as a business expense! All data is stored is a directory that you can move from host to host as needed. Obviously not as seemless as you're talking. Neau - tried installing your software today but a pop up appears when i click "start" saying the licence is invalid.

Options are to relicence, demo or quit. Hitting Demo just takes me back to the popup. Do you need to provide a temporary passcode just to get it working initially? Any thoughts? Windows 10, java up-to-date.

Wils said: All of the fonts had a rough "8-bit" look to them, and I was never able to get any full screen mode to work. I'd be willing to give it another look if the font and full-screen issues were resolved. See photo of "the border," below Dec 19, I have no idea what "Travis Timer" is.

Travis Poker Timer

That's not mine. Mine is here: Neau , I tried your Travis Timer , and while the functionality seemed to work reliably, the resolution was wonky on my MacBook. I'd be willing to give it another look if the font and full-scree issues were resolved. This kind of seemed like my dream solution I got everything setup for my tournament on Friday, and it worked perfectly up until the first break when, out of nowhere, the clock went completely haywire and started running negative.

I tried to reset the level and the entire App crashed. When I reopened it, my saved tournament was completely wiped out. Maybe this is just a glitch with the free version - but based on this experience, there's no way I'd ever pay for the full software. So much for CocoaTree I'll never use their Poker Manager program again. I ended up at The Poker Timer.

Poker Timer

After all of my recent frustrations, I said "screw it," and immediately paid for the full version. So far, it has been easy to work with and it is just quick and snappy on my MacBook. It's not as beautiful to look at as Poker Manager, but so far everything just works. Structure setups are easy, full screen mode works, and the clock seems to run reliably.

Also, the dev responded to an email inquiry about 2 hours after I sent it, so that is promising as well. More to come after I've given The Poker Timer a solid run. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom. The Poker Timer is now ready to fill your screen no mattter what size you are running.

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We have also built in a new customizable layout so you can set the screen up to show just what you want it. Use the layout controls to set up your display to just the way you like it. Using The Poker Timer Pro you will no longer have to worry about making sure you have an internet connection. Using The Poker Timer Pro you will also no longer be bugged by advertisements, you can now concentrate on playing poker! More poker timer features: Want to set up a large tournament or play a "friendly" game with your poker buddies?

The Poker Timer is the perfect addition to your poker kit. Choose from one of our preset tournaments or edit one to suit your needs. The application is easy to install and just as easy to use. We have given you total control of your poker night. With the poker timer you can build a quick turbo game or build a tournament that will take you through to tomorrow. Edit the amount of rounds, round lengths, breaks, ad-on breaks to create your ultimate poker tournament structure. Keep track of your entrants and prize money all with the one tool. We have done the hard work so you don't have to.