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Plus, click you may find their performance to be lacking. With the resurgence in Mac interest, a lot of people ask me how they can access their existing Windows PC from their new Mac.

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Here is a quick and easy guide to getting a remote control system up and running using VNC. It is a high performance remote control system that includes two software components. Some people prefer TightVNC for all versions of Windows, but because it has several advanced features it may be a little more confusing for first-time VNC users. Next, install your VNC software and specifically choose to install the server component, register the service, and start the service. You can set the password for remote access if you like.

Make a note of it! Finally, you need to either disable the Windows firewall on your PC or else open ports and in the Windows firewall. Remotely configure and lock down programs using policy. Just run the installer on the device you want to control from and follow the instructions, or there's MSIs for remote deployment under Windows. If you have a keyboard and mouse in front of you, use them as you would normally.

If you're on a mobile device, then your touchscreen acts as a mouse trackpad, with gestures mapped to mouse buttons.

See the on-board help! RealVNC Products. Solutions for System administrators and IT experts Provide a consolidated remote access and support strategy for your business Busy professionals Seamlessly connect to and support people and devices wherever you are Managed service providers Provide an outstanding help desk service on demand Integrators and OEMs Build remote access into your own products and services IoT and embedded engineers Create management and monitoring solutions for low-footprint devices Hobbyists and makers Educate and innovate, free for non-commercial use Friends and family Help and support on up to 5 computers, free for non-commercial use.

Communications Blog Business and technology insights to help evolve your remote access strategy Press releases All our latest product and company news Media coverage Publications we've featured in, and industry news related to remote access. Both apps received quick updates for the new iOS 7 design a couple years back. The iPhone and Mac apps share a lot of similar buttons and layout functions, so users of both apps can swap back and forth without having to re-learn workflows.

The apps look for available machines on the local network, and also shows you the ones available with Screens Connect more on that later. Once you are logged into a machine, you are free to use it like you would just sitting in front of it. On the Mac side, using a remote machine feels extremely normal. With that being said, Screens offers the best experience in my opinion.

There is also an optional trackpad mode that turns your display into a trackpad and will make the cursor follow your finger around as you track. Both options work well, and it just comes down to personal preference. Since Screens is built on open source technology, it is probably always going to lose the feature check list game when compared to custom-built services like LogMeIn or TeamViewer. Companies that are building their own technology have the ability to do whatever their product managers can come up with.

Screens offers exactly what I want out of remote access without a monthly fee.

Connecting to Windows PC Clients from a Mac

It does lack a web access component, so if that is a feature that you need, then you should look at one of the other options below. Web access used to be important to me, but that was before I had multiple iOS devices in my bag. Screens has a free service called Screens Connect that takes care of that for you. You create an account, install the Screens Connect app on the Mac you want to remotely access, and log in with your user name and password. On the client side, you simply log in with your Screens Connect account, and you see your logged in computers.

In my experience, Screens has been rock solid. Screens is really the best of both worlds. Regular updates help us feel more comfortable relying on this app day in and day out. We also recommend it for the times when VNC technology is blocked or a corporate firewall prevents Screens Connect from working.

How to Access Your Mac’s Screen from Windows (and Vice-Versa)

LogMeIn is easy to install and easy to use. In fact, I use it on a few machines at work in order to always have easy access to them from offsite. LogMeIn allows me to keep my firewall locked down, but still get to these machines. It works from the web, but they also recently added a Mac client that is installed when you sign up. It allows quick access to a machine. LogMeIn also offers free iOS apps. One of the main reasons we chose Screens over LogMeIn is the price.

Some users have no issue getting it to work, while others have no success at all.

The best remote access solution for Mac and iOS

I use remote access apps as much on my iPhone as I do other laptops. It uses Kerberos with digital certificates to verify that you are authorized to connect to the Mac in question.

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It goes years without updates, and the ones it does see are usually for Mac OS X compatibility. Setting it up to work remotely is also going to take some networking configuration on your router and VPN setup.

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Apple Remote Desktop fits in a weird place of not being useful for the prosumer, but not powerful enough for the IT department.