How to turbo boost mac mini i5

Of course, you can also re-enable Turbo Boost, which is the default state on modern Macs. The utility will load and unload kernel extensions to force TurboBoost to be disabled or back to the enabled default state through user interaction with a menu bar item. This utility is truly only intended for advanced users, if you are not comfortable with the idea of modifying kernel extensions and the ramifications of that, using uncertified third party software, nor the idea of intentionally slowing down a Mac by disabling hardware features, this is not for you.

Novice Mac users should not use this application. Due to the nature of modifying a kernel extension, you should always backup your Mac before using any such utility. If you simply want to get better battery life in OS X El Capitan or Yosemite, follow these tips which are much less invasive.

With Turbo Boost disabled, you may notice the menu bar for battery life remaining tick up after it recalculates with the reduced energy use and slower clock speed. If you are doing anything that requires processor use, you will also notice a decrease in performance. This removes the kernel extension that is preventing the feature from working. Depending on usage, yes potentially, but at the expense of general computing performance. In other words, if you disable Turbo Boost, the Mac battery may last longer, but the computer will be noticeably slower.

Whether or not that is worth the trade off depends on your use case, but in some select situations where performance is less important than a battery lasting longer, it could be useful. Anecdotally I noticed nearly an hour increase in potential battery life when using the app to toggle Turbo Boost off on a new model MacBook Pro, but some users have reported more dramatic changes.

How to Disable (& Enable) Turbo Boost on a Mac

According to Marco. So, your mileage may vary, it really depends on how you use the Mac. Just remember to re-enable Turbo Boost on the Mac Book to get full performance back again. Thanks to grunchitog for the tip idea left in our comments. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. Remember the Turbo buttons on old PC keyboards? Or the Turbo button on the old PC towers?

Glad this feature still exists, wish we had a button to turn it off and on, but I guess menu bar is good enough. Hilarious, back to the 90s we are indeed! Same here, I rather get the app through the Mac App store too. Marco Arment the popular Apple analyst, Tumblr guy, Podcast maker also gave it a thumbs up, and I doubt Marco Arment would recommend something that is not well vetted. Not touching this. Hi Howie!

Apple Mac mini Unboxing and Review (Late 2014)

Just kidding. Just answering since I was mentioned on the post: The OS handles it on its own, but this gives the user an ability to intervene for better or worse, it will slow down your Mac too, but also boost battery, so, an interesting trade off that is good for MacBook users.

The Pro version of the app is even better, it lets you disable Turbo with specific app usage only. The creator of the app bundled them together into a menu item and easy to use format. Hi Howie. Since you are an Apple tech, i guess you are some kind of geek ingeneer, and also have interest in bringing the best to the company you work for. In order to get control over this feature you are going to use an app called Turbo Boost Switcher that lets you manually enable or disable the feature on your machine. Download the Turbo Boost Switcher app, and save it to your Mac.

Double-click on the downloaded archive to extract the actual app file, then double-click on that app file, and you will get the following prompt.

How to Enable or Disable Turbo Boost on Your Mac

As soon as you click the app file it will go into the menu bar, and that is where you can manage it from. Click on it to disable the function on your Mac. If you would like to diagnose any issues or just want to see how your Mac performs when Turbo Boost is turned on or off, the guide above should help you do that.

Click the Utilities menu and select Terminal. Type csrutil disable and press return. To give the system some work to do I am running a ray trace: But when I check as it runs: Well having done some more research, I am getting some boost, according to the Intel Power Gadget: But I still can't match a 3.

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How To Enable Or Disable Turbo Boost On Mac

This makes me wonder if this is not what's happening here My suggestion here is to use something that is consistent across all platforms like Geekbench Finally, Intel has this disclaimer about the Turbo Boost technology Allan Allan Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password.

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Finding Out If Your Mac Has the Turbo Boost Feature

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