Mac mail always show attachments as icons


Anthony Bouchard on September 5, If you send or receive emails on your Mac, then you might run into an attachment on occasion. For some file types, OS X displays the attachment inline with text, but in the case of high-resolution images, this can sometimes impact email readability.

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You should clarify "does not work". Does the command fail with some kind of error message or does the command succeed but Mail still shows inline attachments? Then launch Terminal and try your command again.

How to Fix the Problem for Email Attachments

Redarm Redarm 1, 2 7 Just as clarification: After you ran the command you can remove Terminal from Full Disk Access again as well, just like re-enabling SIP in the other, less recommended way. Gero Yes, as soon as Terminal has been allowed to write to Mail's preference file, it can be deauthorized again until you need to do the same all over again for some other command.

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How to Disable Email Attachment Previews in Mac OS X Mavericks

Sign up using Email and Password. Still no luck. Apparently, this command no longer works in OS X Mavericks, and some more searching left me without any simple solutions. Enter Attachment Tamer from Lokiware. Specifically, it helps format Apple Mail attachments for better compatibility with Windows users, forces full attachment filenames to display instead of the standard truncated versions, and can let users set file size limits for attachment previews such as show images smaller than KB as a preview, but display as an icon any that are over that size.

The app must be specifically updated to support new versions of Mavericks, and users need to obtain a special pre-release build for compatibility.

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As an example, using the current pre-release build, Attachment Tamer works great on our production Mac running OS X