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The installer will automatically place the necessary i1 instrument driver on your system. This driver is necessary for the computer to connect to the i1. After installing the software, you should be able to plug your instrument into a USB port and have it be recognized by the computer.

Eye-One Software Installation

The installer is downloaded in compressed format and will automatically decompress if your system has a decompression utility. Once decompressed, double-click the installer to install the programs you want to use. Systems that use i1 Match are licensed through an internal copy-protection "dongle" inside the instrument.

How to Calibrate Monitor For Photography with X-Rite i1 Display Pro

If there are i1 Match modules not licensed on your system, they can be purchased separately. Applications written for PowerPC will not run under Lion. This affects the following X-Rite applications: Windows users are NOT affected in any way. To tell if an application uses PowerPC code either find the application in the Finder and Get Info apple i or open the application and launch Activity Monitor from the Utilities folder. This decision has been made by Apple and not X-Rite or any other software manufacturer. X-Rite have been concentrating on launching the new i1 Profiler software , ColorMunki Display and i1 Display Pro all of which use Intel code and at the time of writing there are no plans to update the older applications to run using Intel code โ€” this would be a major undertaking โ€” and more problematically there are no plans to support the i1 Display 2 in the newer software so if you are a Mac user who has an i1 Display 2 and you want to upgrade to Lion, then you have a problem.

i1Match Software - MAC

There are a couple of workarounds you can adopt if you do use an application that relies on Rosetta but you also want to upgrade to Lion. You could install Any profiles you make could then be copied over to the Lion volume and you could then reboot. If you have more than one Mac then you could not upgrade one of them to run older applications.

Whilst this issue has not been caused be either us or X-Rite we do feel sympathy for anybody who has bought an i1 Display 2 and who will now no longer be able to use it under Lion so we will be offering a trade-in scheme to customers who bought their i1 Display 2 from us and want to upgrade to either ColorMunki Display or i1 Display Pro. If you have any issues with it, feel free to contact us for help.

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According to some feedback at roaring apps http: I tried BasICColor in the past and liked it for the accuracy but felt it became more complicated for little apparent advantage following an update a few years back. I have a friend with a ColorMunki who reported that his monitor is suddenly looking very cold following the upgrade to LIon. I just upgraded to Lion and would prefer to use a single calibration package for both displays if possible. Otherwise I might just wait it out for the Lion compatibility fix next month.

Please get back to me ASAP as one of my projects is due in in 3 weeks and need to get on with the editing: Hello Lee.

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Avoid consumer-oriented products like the Pantone Huey and Huey Pro โ€” in our opinion, they are just not up to the job. I think it would be a wise investment!

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