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But, to avoid recurrence, it may also be important to determine, how your system became corrupt. What size is the Hard Drive, and how much space is available? Loading page content. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. I will get Disk Warrior or Tool Pro.

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Thanks for the help. I do not have a current back up.

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I have Gigs with approx 80 available. How would you suggest I proceede? Thanks again!

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Or FileSalvage I would get DiskWarrior. Get the physical disk because you will need to boot from it. You can try to salvage your files by connecting your mac to another via firewire and see if you can boot your mac into target disk mode. Tech Tools Pro from your origianl suggestion has done its magic. What an amazing and simple tool. I can't recommend it or these forums more highly. I can't begin to tell you how this has raised my level of understanding of my computer.

Maintainace, back up drive, journaling, eDrive et al have given me an even better computer than I had started with.

"Keys out of order" - disk utility

Thanks again. I'm happy to read, of such a positive resolution and attitude! In single mode I see errors:. You have not mentioned in your question was the SSD initially installed on your machine or you replaced the HDD with SSD on your own Apple custom builds where you can choose what type of drive you want to have. I can only assume that there could be an incompatibility issue with non original SSD. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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In single mode I see errors: Checking catalog Keys out of order Missing thread record Invalid sibling link Rebuilding catalog b-tree Create new btree returned Disk full error The volume could not be repaired What should I do? But one strange thing - I can't mount partition and can't see the state of disk using disk utility.

When I'm in single mode type a command fsck -fy I see the same error. In general terms we always talk that we should be precautionary in all matter to avoid problems. This applies in using of Mac systems too. If you take some general precautions while using your system then you can easily avoid Fix Keys Out of Order Error Mac problem. To keep your MAC file safe and secure you need to look at following tips:. We are telling you the most effective technique to get back your lost mac data.

Manual recovery method to fix Fix Keys Out of Order Error Mac problem is never easy and you need to be technically sound to recover the mac files through this method. Even a slight mistake can cause huge problem to your mac system. If you are suffering from mac data loss then this automatic mac data recovery software can solve your problem. This is a simple, reliable and easy to use tool which will recover your deleted mac data in no time.

This mac data recovery tool recovers data from all situations whether its physical or logical problem. This tool can recover corrupted mac data from both external and internal mac drives. It scans the whole drive with its powerful algorithm and recover all lost mac data and partitions very easily.

Fix Keys Out of Order Error Mac problem can occur due to these reasons causing mac data loss:

You can easily use this tool to recover your deleted or lost mac file. You can easily install Mac data recovery software on your system and use it without any technical knowledge.

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This software is built keeping in mind that user will not be a technical person. It is so easy and simple to use that a novice user can run it and get there mac data back. This Mac data recovery software is a powerful tool and gained maximum popularity throughout the world. If rating of this tool is to be considered than it has gained 9 out or 10 stars.

Undelete Mac Data: This tool is capable of recovering deleted mac data. Deleted mac volume recovery: This tool works really well with mac data volume or file system corruption or loss. Raw File Recovery: Lost Partition Recovery: So now you have all the methods and tricks to recover you lost mac data.

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  8. If you are facing Fix Keys Out of Order Error Mac problem then now you can use mac data recovery and get back your data. Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 5: Wait till the scanning process gets over, you will see all the scanned file displayed. Step 6: Step 7: Now the saving of the file will take place at your desired location and you will see the mac data recovered.