Hp photosmart a646 driver mac

HP Photosmart A646 Driver For Mac

CD drive it creates when installing from the printer or run these downloaded exe files directly. The first screen is always the same: It has a "Go Online to download driver" button, which simply goes back to HP's site and prompts me to install the program over As a shot in the dark, you could connect the printer, go to device manager, delete the detected device, then install the driver. I gave up trying to use HP's driver downloads and the embedded driver in the printer. I ended up installing the printer manually: It didn't find the exact HP model mine's an A , but it found one that was close A I selected that driver and finished the installation steps.

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HP Photosmart A Compact Printer drivers - Download

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HP Photosmart 5510 - Install Driver on Apple Macintosh - Preview

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Consider donating to the Electronic Frontier Foundation! Click here! Print speed was in the unimpressive but tolerable range, which makes the A much slower than the Editors' Choice Epson PictureMate Charm. I timed its printing of 4-by-6s from a computer on our standard test suite at an average 1 minute 37 seconds for each photo, and at 1: As a point of reference, the Charm's speeds ranged from 38 to 52 seconds.

For printing 5-by-7s, the A's times ranged from 1: The Charm doesn't print 5-by-7s. The cost per 4-by-6 photo for the A is That makes it one of the more expensive photo printers to run. The cost for a 4-by-6 photo for the Charm, in contrast, is HP doesn't quote a cost for 5-byinch photos, and there's no print pack for 5-by-7s. Too Smart by Half In addition to the misleading error message for Bluetooth printing that I already mentioned, I ran into two problems printing from a computer in my tests.

Both grow out of HP's attempt to automate some features, but both are potentially more bothersome than helpful. The appropriate phrase is: Using its default settings when printing 5-byinch photos from Photoshop, with the images defined as 5-by-7 inches, the A driver took a 4-byinch section from the center of the image and expanded it to fill the 5-byinch page.

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This is simply bizarre behavior that I have never seen in any other printer. Setting the driver for 5-byinch paper, rather than the default Automatic setting, solves the problem, but shouldn't be necessary. HP says this issue crops up only with some programs, and the company is investigating the problem further. The second issue, which is more bothersome, grows out of the automated software installation feature.

Every time I turned the A off and then on again, it gave an incorrect message on its own screen saying that I needed to double-click an icon that didn't exist on my computer, and Vista asked whether I wanted to run the Setup program. Once I learned to ignore the message on the printer's LCD and let the setup program run, everything worked without problems. But I went down several dead ends before I learned to ignore the message. HP points out that the printer includes an option to let you turn off automatic software installation.

However, the option is buried in the menus where it's not immediately obvious.

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A better choice would be to make it a first-level menu option, and for the setup program itself to automatically turn the feature off after the first time it installs the software. I'll grant that CompactFlash cards are less ubiquitous in cameras than they once were, but they're still fairly common. HP the Photosmart A The Photosmart A also has the option of knowing how many more prints the cartridge roughly has left, informing you when it is a good time to purchase new ink.

The loading of the paper tray can be a bit confusing, as it looks like you have to actually dismantle the printer just to put in more paper. The Photosmart A performed pretty well in our tests. It kicked out each of our test photos in less than a minute at normal settings. Aside from flesh tones that were orange enough to be jarring, most colors were bright and well balanced. All images showed a nice level of depth and detail.

HP Photosmart A646 Driver Download

The unit comes with an introductory, print ink cartridge. The print cartridge is housed in a front compartment. Simple color labels inside the cover illustrate how to remove and insert the cartridge, but it can still be tricky.

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After my first attempt, an error message appeared on the LCD, and an animated clip showed how to insert it properly.