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You can't post answers that contain an email address. Please enter a valid email address. The email address entered is already associated to an account. Login to post Please use English characters only. The max point reward for answering a question is Video Photos Link. Close Save changes. Added items Uploading: Include an image. It's worth a thousand words. Related Questions: Reset epson printer protection counter using ssc service utility, reseter epson r [ Feb 22, - Problems with Epson printer, the red and greenness lightheaded Are the lights flashing alternately, or together?

These are different errors. Alternating means that the printer thinks the "waste ink pads" are filled and need to be replaced costs more than a new printer. You can reset the counter, but then you run some risk that the waste ink will overflow your printer onto the surface where it sits. The SSC utility will help you reset it if that's what you want. Make sure the printer is turned on and terkonek with a computer printer driver already installed 2.

Model of printer configuration settings. Select the Epson Stylus Photo R After the play closed windows. In the lower right corner of the taskbar near the clock right click the icon SSC Service Utility, select " Protection Counter" click "Reset protection counter" select Yes on the pop up that asks "Have you Replace waste ink pad" 5.

Restart the printer, the printer is ok That's the steps I described to my friend, so she does not go back and forth to the printer lift handyman service to reset Epson R May be useful. When using non-Epson Short answer is no Hope that helps. The easiest way around this is to turn off your printer, reboot your computer then turn your printer back on again.

Then run the ssc, set the printer to your model then select Protection Counter.

Epson Reset Utilities – Types, Function, Cost

Reset the protection counter, turn the printer off then on again, and it should now be OK. If you need help with using the ssc program, please post a comment to this effect. To solve this you need to handle two things. Get the printer protection counter or waste-ink as it's sometimes called reset.

Replace the waste ink pads OR redirect your waste ink flow to an external tank It's important to note that Epson will encourage you to do a waste pad replacement through one of their service centers, but if you're out of warranty this will cost a significant amount of money approx: Resetting the counter Get a resetter, either the SSC utility google: Redirecting waste ink to an external container. This is something I'd heartily recommend instead of trying to change the waste pads yourself It's simple enough to do and a little googling using keywords "Epson R waste ink tank" should get you all the info you need.

There are simple kits available that offer everything you need or you can easily go for a DIY with bits you have to hand. Hope that helps I have the latest version of SSC Service Utility to download directly onto your computer and instructions on how to use it, what to click on etc etc. Click any of the Epson links if you can't find it, everything you need to know will be there, including printer Firmware resetting which sorts out a multitude of problems. The 'maintenance required' problem with Epson printers has absolutely nothing to do with which cartridges you are using, it is a built in page counter in your printer firmware, which has a different maximum amount for each Epson model.

Don't listen to old wives tales and heresay, we are the experts and it's an Epson scam to cause a lot of people to pay for maintenance or throw their printers away. I haven't found a model that can't be reset with the latest version of SSC Serve or the manual reset on my site. Not finding what you are looking for? Open Questions: When turned on and heated up it knocks a lot and will not feed the lamination. Any suggestions? It can scan the documents but not printing. What is needed to hard start the Oki back to original settings. It was a great help. Install Software ssc service utility by double clicking on the 'Set Up' file or 'sscserve.

If you chose to have a desktop shortcut when you installed the program, click this to start the program. Click on the [Configuration] tab and select your printer from both the [Installed Printers] and [Printer Models] lists. Please Note: Some models are listed with an 'x' in the model number, this means that the 'x' can be a variety of numbers, for example, if you had an Epson C44 printer the selection for you would be the one that looks like this 'C4x'.

Also for R users, your printer isn't listed so select the R with this version v4. Now close the program and it will continue to run in your Task Bar on your computer desktop Blue bar at the bottom of your computer screen. The icon looks like this You can now click the right mouse button on the icon in the Task Bar to use the menu you require. Using the software, tips and advice: If you require more images and simpler instructions for using this software, click here for the sscserve information page. Standard Reset If your printer is giving warnings that your printer is due maintenance, this usually means that the printer has counted the prints it has carried out and reached a predefined limit, the only requirement now is to reset the counter which will then release your printer hardware and start counting your prints from zero once more.

How to download epson R230 ssc service utility reset

If you now select 'Show current value', it should show the counter as 0 zero. If there are any numbers in the counter overflow, click on 'clear counter overflow'. You are now ready to continue printing as normal as if your printer is brand new. Locked Out If the printer has passed the maximum prints and you've continued printing throughout the warning, after an 'overflow' amount of prints, it may lock out completely giving you two flashing lights on your printer which you can't reset without this software or without pressing a sequence of buttons.

If you are completely locked out: Firstly, you will normally need to reset the 'Counter Overflow' under the menu listing of [Protection Counter]. Now you will need to use the 'Soft Reset' utility on the menu under [Extra]. Wait about 5 minutes for the printer to reset. This will reset your printer and stop the lock out. If both lights are still flashing or there are any other problems see additional information below and then return here to continue. Once your printer is unlocked, the 'Protection Counter' will still need to be reset after this under the menu listing of [Protection Counter].

Say [Yes] or [OK] to this, it will then say "counter reset". If your printer is listed but this procedure didn't work for you, first try switching computer and printer off and then restarting, still not, then read on or use the links at the top to check other things that can be stopping it. The Ink Pads Don't worry about the ink pads themselves as they are on a flat enclosed tray and as the ink is water based, the water evaporates leaving behind the pigment only, which just means discoloured pads. Liquid ink is only present in the pads shortly after cleaning.

However, if you've had to clean the heads a lot due to prolonged lack of use, there will be quite a lot of liquid in the pads for a while until it evaporates so don't lean your printer on its side or back for a few days or a week. Right click on the 'sscserve' icon where you downloaded it. Select [Properties] at the bottom of the list Select [Compatibility] at the top now under compatibility mode, tick the box and select Windows XP service pack 3 for Windows 7 or Windows XP service pack 2 for Vista and click [Apply] at the bottom right, then [Ok]. Now you can start again from the top. This utility also has other features such as separate colour cleaning and deep cleaning.

Beware of the deep cleaning, this is for very bad clogging on the heads through prolonged lack of use and uses nearly half a cartridge of ink from all colours to clear the blockages. These other utilities are only available to some Epson printer models. You can also carry out your nozzle checks and other normal utility functions using this software. Use it separately to your normal Epson printer software and close the program from the taskbar once you have finished with the utility. The program will normally shut off when you shut your computer down and will not run again unless selected from your programs list.

Soft Reset: This sorts out a multitude of problems. Some printers are designed to stand alone as well as work with a computer, therefore they have 2 different software programs controlling them, 1 within and 1 from the computer. This can sometimes throw up a continuous problem or rejection when an error occurs.

Control from the computer is always the best form of printer control as there is so much more you can do with the diversity of the computer as opposed to the set built in software in the printer. So when a cartridge circuit fails, your printer will recognise this and tell you of a problem. Unfortunately, printers don't have the extra facility of 'error message clearing' and may keep showing the same error from that point on unless the printer 'firmware' is reset in some way.

With the service utility, there are extra functions that can be used for full control of your printer, depending on the model and level of support supplied for that model. One such useful tool is 'Soft Reset', this will reset anything in the printer 'buffer' storage area and the built in software firmware. This will normally set your printer back to its default settings. To find Soft Reset, click the right mouse button on the SSC Service Utility icon which will be running in the blue task bar at the bottom of your desktop screen, then select 'Extra'.

There you'll find 'Soft Reset'. When you click the left mouse button on the soft reset, it will take a few minutes to reset so the best advice to give is to go and make a cup of tea once you've selected it and do absolutely nothing to the computer or printer for at least 5 minutes. Make sure the printer is completely silent not operating before closing any programs or switching off the printer.

Your printer should now be reset completely with all previous tasks, errors and set-ups forgotten by the printer. Whatever the problem was before resetting the printer, may still need to be put right. Therefore, if your problem was cartridge error messages persisting, then you'll need to use the normal 'Maintenance' screen on the computer printer software and use the 'Ink Cartridge Replacement' button and either pretend to change the cartridge if a replacement cartridge has already been used to replace a failed one that was giving the error by physically removing it and reinserting it as if you were changing it or actually change the cartridge if you have not already done so.

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If error messages continue to appear after changing more than two cartridges of the same colour, then it is very possible that the printer circuitry controlling that particular colour has malfunctioned and if still under guarantee 1 year standard , should be put in for service or replacement. Remember that Epson dealers will always try to blame the use of compatible cartridges for any fault with the printer so it may be advisable to buy an Epson brand cartridge of the same colour as the failing colour port or if you are a confident person, instruct the dealer or store to repair or replace your printer with the full backing of the law that allows you to use any brand of cartridge manufactured to suit your printer.

You may be told that using new cartridges made by OTHER companies compatible to your printer nullifies your guarantee. This is not so! Close down all Epson programs Exit all Epson printer programs that may be running in the background or on your task bar. Click on [ Processes ] and a list of all processes running on your computer will appear, look for any in the list that say Epson, highlight it and select [ End Process ]. Carry this out for any Epson programs running. Now to reset your printer.

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  4. Switch off the printer using the power button. Next press the Color button to clear the protection counter. Follow any other instructions given by the printer. Clean your print heads if print is not perfect. If your print is not perfect, this may be because your printer has not been used for a while and so the fixed print heads have dried ink on them. Simply open any document on your computer, click on [File] then [Print].

    You will need to carry out 3 head cleans with no printing of nozzle check patterns. Don't allow this, click [Finish], then select [Head Clean] again carrying out the same process until you've cleaned the heads three times, then allow it to print the nozzle check pattern to check your print quality. If improved but not perfect carry out the above process again. If perfect, continue to use your printer as normal and try to use it at least once per fortnight. If absolutely no improvement is seen after cleaning the heads 3 times or more, your heads are severely blocked and will need cleaning solution to resolve this.

    Please order the appropriate colour cleaning cartridge for your Epson printer model, these are reusable and can be kept and stored for future use. If you have trouble following these cleaning instructions, please use our information page for step by step procedures with pictures.

    Cartridge Rejection Problems: With limited information on any actions you carried out prior to any error messages, I shall try to help you get your printer running correctly. My assumption would be that your printer was out of ink on 1 cartridge and you changed a few cartridges at the same time. Both problems above should be straight forward to sort out.

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    The solution, is to use your printer maintenance software that is installed on your computer. To get to the maintenance screen on the computer: A lot of Epson printers have different maintenance tools and buttons. The one you need is called something like [Ink Cartridge Replacement].

    If you haven't got a button for this, click on [Head Clean] and it will refuse to clean the heads as you have a cartridge problem or a cartridge needs replacing. Select [Replace] and you will start a 'wizard' in the same way as it would start for an [Ink Cartridge Replacement] button, which is a step by step program.

    Read the screens that appear and keep clicking next as if you were about to change a cartridge, until you have to click [OK] to move the print head to the 'Change' position. If you are sure that all the applicable cartridges giving incorrect levels are full cartridges, open the flap that holds the cartridges down and one at the time unclip and lift each cartridge and press them back into place. Close the flap when finished and carry on with the on-screen step by steps. While the printer charges the ink nozzles, it will check your microchips on the cartridges. For problem 2 above: Open the flap that holds the cartridges down and unclip and lift the left-most cartridge and press it back into place.

    This will trigger the software into checking its chip, click OK to charge the nozzles and if this was the failed cartridge chip, the other cartridges will suddenly become recognised and that cartridge you just re-inserted if still showing as failed is the failed one that needs replacing. If you still have all cartridges unrecognised or showing failed.

    SSC Service Utility for Epson running Mac OS - Fixya

    Start the wizard again in the same way and re-insert the next cartridge in sequence. Once a specific failed cartridge has been replaced with a new cartridge, all should be well. At this point, if there are any failed chips or empty cartridges that need replacing, you will be told to replace those applicable before the wizard can complete.

    For any unrecognised chips, you can do the same process and just remove and refit that cartridge, incase it didn't make a perfect contact with the printer, this usually sorts that problem out, but if the software still tells you the cartridge is not recognised or has to be replaced then please replace it.

    This is one occasion where it pays to have spare cartridges ready to use. On fitting all relevant full cartridges, your printer should now show reasonably accurate ink levels and all cartridges will be accepted and ready for use. If you have used some ink from cartridges that are now showing full then further down the line you might find that you've completely emptied a cartridge before the software thinks it's empty. This cartridge colour will disappear from your pattern on the 'Nozzle Check' and must now be replaced, but if you haven't got an [Ink Cartridge Replacement] button and the software isn't asking for a cartridge to be replaced yet, this can be tricky.

    You will now have to clean your heads a few times, to use up some ink until a cartridge is recognised as empty, then you can activate the wizard by clicking on the [Head Clean] button again, as above. For future information: If you are changing cartridges by pressing your ink button on the printer, only change the cartridges that are being asked for and nothing else. If you are able to access the Ink Cartridge Replacement wizard on the computer, you can change any cartridge at any time, but consider how much ink you are throwing away by changing cartridges before they are empty.

    For printer maintenance problems such as "Maintenance Required" or "Ink Pad Full", see above to download the resetting software and view the Epson printer resetting information. Alternative Resetting Methods and Software. There have been known problems using this software from feedback and self trial. There are new Help instructions for this in the PX reset below Procedure There is a software reset method that can be used to reset ink levels, which is used in Epson service centres.

    Each printer model has a specific service adjustment program, which has options such as Reset Protection Counter when you need to reset the value of Waste Ink Counter. You can learn more about software reset method at this link: About Service Programs. This programs can be used to reset a number of counters in the printer. Due to the risks of resetting this protection counter, it may be preferable to use the software once to reset the counter, then uninstall it so you do not inadvertently reset the counter more than once.

    It then seemed to interfere with printing! However, the access to advanced cleaning function control etc looks useful. Nevertheless - use with caution as per the notes above! Reset Error Light Conditions Summary OK - so whilst we have heard this resolves the problem, it may not do so for you, and whilst we have heard that the ink-pad error is most likely way before the ink pads are actually full, we think it will be OK. However, you should be aware that IF your ink pads were full then resetting the counter on the printer without replacing the pads could ultimately cause damage to your printer and surrounding areas as inks starts to pool inside the printer base and potentially leak out.

    We suspect that this will not happen for the vast majority of people, but it is certainly possible. We have now heard of this occurring for a couple of people. Instructing you how to dismantle the printer to examine the waste ink pads is currently outside the scope of our support assistance though we have done this task ourselves with minimum fuss. Therefore, you'd think the printer counts the amount of waste ink, but it actually just counts the amount of page prints.

    The adjustment program enables you to perform maintenance and adjustment functions such as: This example shows you how to reset waste ink counter of Epson R, R, R printers. Other printer models may have different set of functions, and you must double check the service manual for a specific printer that you are going to troubleshoot. Run the program under Window XP only. How to reset waste ink counter by adjustment service program for Epson R, R and R printers. Download the Epson R adjustment program from www. Save archive and unpack using WinZip 3. Change PC date to 10 April or another earlier date.

    Just double click in the right bottom of your screen and change date. Run AdjProg. In new window, check Particular Adjustment mode. Then check Waste Ink Pad Counter option. Then press [ OK ]. Resetting process will take a few seconds: To finish, power off the printer. A Message will appear: Other printers adjustment programs work the same way.