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But how many people are aware of this? When I change a hard drive I clone everything back without any installs at all and everything works. So I have never done an erase and install yet for any reason on my Macs. I really hate the term, 'clean' install because it is not clean. Oct 3, 2: Not everyone knows how to clone. The Recovery doesn't alway recover and clean install is clean.

There is little to go wrong with a clean install and as you add software to your clean install, you find out what's not compatable. The thing here is that fanboys can't be objective, I admire what Apple are trying to achieve but it is not practical for todays market. I for exsample live in rural area, I get lousy internet and to download something like Lion takes 3 goes and a 4 to 5 days each. There are lots of reason why they should still have media.

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I was just responding to Pondini mis-guided ideals. As Allen says, not on OSX. There are no leftovers. Yes, if you erase everything, that will include the incompatible software. Then you have to reinstall the compatible software. In most cases, it's much safer and easier to delete the incompatible software when you find it. Installing Lion will usually install any new drivers needed. I have no idea what you mean by "capacity management," but since there's nothing left over OSX has no Registery, for example , there won't be lots of unusable space.

If, during or after installing Lion, you did one or both of these, you'll have even more options:. About Lion Recovery Disk Assistant. CarbonCopyCloner is free; SuperDuper has a free version. The Restore tab of Disk Utility will do it. Of course it is. If you follow best practices, you'll have at least one set of full backups of your entire system and won't ever need to reinstall Lion via the internet. For those who have neither, the Lion installer on a USB stick is fine it ought to be included with new Macs. Oct 3, 3: Your missing the point and are blinded to reality.

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What you are suggesting is fine if you know your way around technology as you obviously do. Your assuming every one is an expert and use Time machine.

Step 1: Boot Into Recovery Mode

Your aguments are flawed in so many way for users who only want their machines to work and not not have to do all this stuff to get it to work. As for your response to 2 , the Apple Gennius formated my HDD and put Snow leopard back on when they couldn't get it going iether Oct 3, 4: Kindly recall the original question in this thread: The answer from two of us in this thread and many others in other threads here , is: Doing a "clean install" requires you to "know your way around technology" far more: That last part usually involves a number of different steps, is tedious, error-prone, and time-consuming.

Most of the other scenarios you raise require some sort of backups. If you replace your internal HD, for example, you need some way to get your data onto the new disk. The only way to do that is to back it up first. Either cloning or Time Machine or, preferably both , are quite easy. Without more information, there's no way we can address that, and again it's extraneous to the original question in this thread.

If that doesn't work, and you want help sorting it out, post all the relevant details in a new thread without the attitude. Oct 4, 2: How to do clean install and install lion More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: How to do clean install and install lion Hello I have snow leopard installed on my MBP and have time machine too, connected to my external HD. Hope someone can help.

The Complete Guide to an OS X Clean Install of macOS Sierra

Thanks abz. More Less. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Hi there, By clean install do you mean an erase and install where you wipe your hard drive and reinstall the os? View answer in context. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. The process may look slightly different on your machine. It's time to fight back and free up some serious space. Read More by getting rid of old files you never use. We'll show you how to set up Time Machine, make backups, and more. Read More. However, cloud backups almost always require a paid subscription.

If you only have a small amount of files, you might look at syncing your most important files to Google Drive or other cloud storage. Another alternative is copying your vital folders to a USB flash drive. Whatever you choose to do, remember that this process will erase everything on your Mac. Before you proceed, you should also take the time to log out apps on your computer. Services like Adobe Creative Cloud limit the amount of installations you can use, so you should sign out to avoid wasting one on a non-existent system.

Choose your account on the left sidebar and choose Sign Out. This will work on any Mac running OS X Shut down your Mac.

How to Clean Install MacOS High Sierra

Continue holding these keys until you see the Apple logo. This runs the recovery environment from the internet instead of a partition on your hard drive. Then wait a bit while your computer downloads the recovery environment. When using internet Recovery mode, the system may reinstall a different version of macOS than you were using. Mine installed Mavericks, even though I was running Lion to start with.

To do this, select Disk Utility from the menu. Next, select your internal hard drive usually labeled Macintosh HD from the left sidebar. Switch to the Erase tab on the right side. The default name of Macintosh HD is fine, unless you prefer something else.

How to Clean Install MacOS High Sierra

Click Erase and confirm the operation. You may see a prompt to enter your Apple ID as part of this process. Accept the license agreement, then click your hard drive to select it for installation. Click Install to start the process.