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Full bit support initially gave AMD a leg up on Intel.

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The chip was released in June , and the Mac Pro was announced in August The fastest Woodcrest CPU ran at 3. Apple ignored the slower 1. It was the Early Mac Pro that moved to a new chip architecture, Harpertown.

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Harpertown had been released in November , and the new Mac Pro arrived in February Harpertown was a quad-core CPU. As with Woodcrest, Apple skipped the slower versions of Harpertown starting at 2.

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Nehalem was the next step beyond the Penryn Core architecture used in Harpertown, and Bloomfield a. Bloomfield uses Core i architecture, supports up to three memory channels, and includes Turbo-Boost and Hyper-threading, which allows each core to function as though it were two separate core. The base Mac Pro has a single 2.

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Apple added a 3. The Mid Mac Pro and the speed-bumped Mid update was the last Mac Pro with built-in optical drives, available PCIe expansion slots, and internal hard drive bays. OS X Beginning with OS X These multi-core results are for the new Geekbench 4, so they cannot be compared with older results in our hardware profiles. The Late Mac Pro is included for comparison.

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The performance of the 2. If you want the ultimate in Mac Pro performance for a model with expandability, the 3.

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Both over over 4x the power of the 2. There are two versions of Mac OS X that need to be considered. With a lot less overhead than newer versions of OS X, a first generation Mac Pro can be a great file server, print server, and music server for your network as well as a good all around production computer. The Mini would probably score under on Geekbench 4, and the MacBook scores Highest magnification.

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